Quali­tative Data Analysis

like no other — with consider.ly!

✓  Clearer, faster, and sustainable research

✓  Gather notes, files, transcripts – fully GDPR compliant

✓  Use the smart, individualized tagging experience to discover insights

✓  Analysis with consider.ly puts your interview findings on the map

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“consider.ly enabled Plunet to develop a structured research process with easily shareable findings within four months.”

Jesús Espuña

UX Designer, Plunet

“I simply loved this app, as it presents something that might seem complex in a clear, clean, and friendly way. I highly recommend it for qualitative data analysis! Functionality is very good. The server is super stable and the customer service and support are excellent! They really understand the needs of their customers.”

Marcos G.


Thank you for allowing me to use your software for my dissertation. I successfully defended this week! I would just like you to know how much help this has been. Much appreciated!!! “

Michael Smith

Saybrook University

“I’ve started using the platform again for my research and I love some of the changes you guys have made. I’m presenting my process using this platform to my PhD supervisors soon!”

Tim Jones

PhD student

Support your findings with qualitative data analysis

Do you want to know how consider.ly can support you in practice? With Userlytics, we helped Burda to gain qualitative data with usability testing. 🚀

The joy of QDA

Interview notes, usability testing results, survey replies, and any user research data – ready to form patterns through tagging. Immediately right before your eyes!

Your taxonomy, your choice

Tags chosen by you: Make them global or local, arrange tags in a way that makes sense within your project. Easy: drag & drop gives you full control over the tagging hierarchy.

Research data correlation

Transform your qualitative research data analysis: Show and present highlights and visualize data.

Overlaps in tags shown in a chord graph in consider.ly

Boost your qualitative data analysis with consider.ly!

See how to:

  • analyze your interviews,
  • highlight important user quotes,
  • effortlessly transcribe audio and video recordings,
  • spot recurring interview patterns,
  • discover new themes,
  • link quotes to insights
    …and much more.

Qualitative data analysis like no other!

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All Data Analysis Features of consider.ly



  • Create projects and take notes from data such as interview transcripts
  • Organize your notes intuitively via drag and drop

Convenient file upload

  • Attach interviewee images, video recordings, and any other files to your notes
  • Store your raw research data logically

Advanced tagging

  • Use tags to highlight important quotes or sentiment
  • Define individual patterns and structure your data

Sharing insights

  • Ready to create, present, and share your insights 
  • Back your research and support your findings with bundled data from interview insights

Sentiment analysis with AI

  • Our AI determines the sentiment of interviewee quotes automatically for you
  • Assign specific tags for positive and negative connotations within your notes

AI-generated transcripts

  • Enjoy useful AI-generated transcripts of your video and audio files
  • Insert transcripts directly into your notes

Pattern discovery

  • Search through your tags to discover recurring themes
  • Identify patterns across notes and projects thanks to visualizations

Beneficial real-time collaboration

  • Synchronize your work across all devices and for all team members
  • Take notes and generate insights collectively

Establish teams

  • Collaborate with your team, including granular access to data
  • Easily share insights and findings with your stakeholders

Individual templates

  • Kick-start your studies using custom templates
  • Pre-defined tag taxonomies that align with your organization’s individual research system

Data discovery

  • Explore your data through helpful graphs, diagrams, and statistics
  • Discover and visualize patterns in your tagged observations

GDPR compliant

  • We highly value the security and protection of your data
  • All cosider.ly servers are located in Germany
  • Data Processing Order is available for Enterprise customers

Upcoming Features


Even easier workflows

  • Integrate your existing workflow into consider.ly
  • Exporting data from and into Jira, Confluence, Trello, and many more

More effortless data import

  • Directly load your data into consider.ly.
  • Import user research data from local text files or Google Docs

Even faster Tagging

  • Benefit from a refined tagging experience with automatic rule-based tagging
  • Get the most out of your data in the least amount of time

Tagging media files

  • Highlight certain parts of images, videos, or audio files to find new insights
  • Reference to the exact relevant position in media files

More presentation options

  • Export your insights into Powerpoint or PDF or a format of your choice
  • Present your insights out of consider.ly

Powerful media manager

  • All uploaded files in one place to comply with data storage retention periods
  • Insert any uploaded file into multiple notes or videos

consider.ly inbox

  • Incoming research questions and interview data drops directly into your inbox
  • Define custom rules to automate the inflow of your data

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