Qualitative Data Analysis

Analyze interviews with consider.ly

Easy to use

Begin right away with coding/tagging your interviews. Create a taxonomy of tags on the fly. Qualitative data analysis was never easier. Watch the video to get a glimpse.

Powerful features

Code your interviews, explore your qualitative data, spot themes and patterns with a graphical UI, auto-transcribe your recordings, aggregate your findings in insights, and many more. See all features below.

Free for students*

You’re writing your thesis or an academic paper? You can use consider.ly for free! Just get in touch with us.*

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How to analyze interviews in consider.ly?

Watch the video to see how to analyze your interviews, highlight important user quotes, easily transcribe audio/video recordings, spot patterns and discover new themes, link quotes to insights, and more. Make analyzing qualitative data a breeze!

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Note Taking

Create projects and take notes as you work with data such as interview transcripts. Organize your notes intuitively via drag and drop.

File Upload

Attach images, videos, and any other file types to your notes to always have the raw research data just in the right place.


Use tags to highlight text passages such as important quotes within your notes. Define your own schemes and structure your data to your needs.


Create, present, and share your insights. Bundle highlights of your data that back your research and support your findings.

Sentiment Analysis

Let our AI automatically determine the sentiment of quotes and assign tags for positive and negative connotations within text passages.


Insert AI-generated transcripts of your video and audio files directly into your notes.



Search through your tags to discover schemes and identify patterns across notes and projects.

Real-Time Collaboration

Your work is synchronized across all devices and team members so that you can take notes and generate insights collaboratively.


Collaborate within your team, give granular access to data, and share insights and findings with your stakeholders.



Kick-start your studies using custom templates and pre-defined tag taxonomies to follow your organization’s individual research system.


Explore your data and discover patterns with helpful graphs, diagrams, and statistics about your tagged observations.

GDPR compliant

We highly value data protection. Our servers are located in Germany. A Data Processing Order is ready for Enterprise customers.




Integrate your existing workflow into consider.ly by exporting data from and into Jira, Confluence, Trello, and many more.

Data Import

Directly load your data from other sources like local text files or Google Docs.

Even better Tagging

Benefit from a refined tagging experience and automatic rule-based tagging to get the most out of your data in the least amount of time.

Tagging of Files

Highlight parts of images, videos, or audio files to always be able to reference to the exact position that is relevant and provide you with new insights.


Export your insights into the format of your choice, such as Powerpoint or PDF, or directly present your insights from our platform.

Media Manager

View all uploaded files in one place, upload them once to insert them in multiple notes, edit videos, and comply with data storage retention periods.


Let research questions and data directly drop in your inbox from anywhere and define custom rules to automatically organize your inflow of data.

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