Using analysis mode

This article will teach you about the analysis mode.

What analysis mode is

The analysis mode offers a comfortable tagging experience for applying tags in notes.

In this mode, a note cannot be edited (the formatting bar will be disabled). This is especially useful to prevent accidental typing and thereby deleting selected text.

Also, analysis mode provides a quick selection of sentences by simply clicking on them.

💡 Use analysis mode in combination with pinned tags and tagging with keyboard shortcuts to speed up your data analysis tremendously.

Activating and deactivating analysis mode

  1. Open a note.
  2. Go to the upper right corner of the note. Click on the toggle switch to activate or deactivate analysis mode. Alternatively use <kbd>Ctrl+Alt+Space</kbd>.

If you have analysis mode enabled or not will be stored in your browser. So you will stay in analysis mode, even when changing notes.

Tagging in analysis mode

  1. Open the note in which you want to apply tags.
  2. Make sure analysis mode is activated.
  3. Click on a sentence to select it. The familiar tag selector will appear on the right side of your note.
  4. Apply the tags as desired.

💡 In analysis mode, hovering your note with your mouse will underline the hovered sentence so that you know what part of the text will be selected when clicking on it.