Troubleshooting with transcribing audio or video files

This article will teach you how to troubleshoot with transcribing audio or video files.

When transcribing audio or video files, some issues may occur. But, do not worry – we will help you to troubleshoot them. Therefore, this article will teach you about possible problems with transcribing audio or video files.

Missing “Transcribe” button in the three-dot menu

When the “Transcribe button” is missing, the transcript plugin is most probably not activated in the current project. After you activate the plugin, the “Transcribe button” should be visible again.

Quota exceeded

Regarding your purchased plan and team size, there is a quota limit of total minutes that can be transcribed per month. When your quota exceeded, you can upgrade your account.

Duration of processing takes too long

The duration of the processing can vary. As a rule of thumb, the processing should not take longer than the original audio or video file length. If this duration is exceeded and no transcript appears, please contact our support team.

Inserting an already processed transcript

If you try to use the transcribing feature on a file for a second time with the same setting as the first time, instead of processing the file once again we’ll insert the already generated transcript. This will not affect your monthly processing quota.

Three-dot-menu not appearing

While a file is still being uploaded the three-dot menu does not appear when hovering over the file container.


If the transcript feature does not work for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us via chat, email, or any other channel you prefer.