Aug 02


As your UX department grows, it naturally gets harder to collaborate with your team members and stakeholders. That’s why our focus with is on supporting and freeing up space for research teams so that they can do what they do best: Gaining insights and helping companies making better decisions.

Invite your team members

You can simply invite your team members via their email address on the team page. The person will then get an email with a link to sign-up and directly join your team.

The plan you purchased defines the maximum number of persons on your team. See our plans for more info. On the trial, your team can maximally have 5 members.

Permissions in a team

You can think of teams as a shared workspace. Currently, everyone on a team has the same permissions in accessing and editing projects, notes, tags, insights, and so on.


Team members can have different roles. Currently, they can be a normal member or team admin. A team admin can invite and remove team members, as well as upgrade the team account or cancel a subscription. Team admins can also make other members to team admins. 

About The Author

Mara is interested in all topics around user research, user testing, as well as usability and UX.