Linking text passages to insights

This article will teach you about linking text passages to insights.

Linking tagged text to insights

You can link to specific parts from your notes (some refer to them as “nuggets”, we like to call them “facts”), such as an important user quote, to an insight. Therefore, the text passage you want to attach to an insight must be tagged first.

  1. When a text passage is tagged, the applied tags are shown on the right side of the note. Click on the tag of the respective text passage that you want to link to an insight. A dropdown menu appears.
  2. Click on Attach to insight. An overview of all your insights across all projects appears.
  3. Click on the insight you want to attach the text passage to. The selected text passage will be put at the bottom of your insight as a special “reference” element.

By linking text to insights, you can always backtrack your conclusions to raw data, base your arguments on facts, and ultimately convince stakeholders. From a linked reference you can directly jump to the respective tags or the respective position in the note.

Linking highlights to insights

Additionally, you can link highlights from a project’s “Highlights” page as well as highlights from the search to an insight.

  1. Select the search results on the respective page by holding SHIFT and clicking on the respective results.
  2. Add these results to your insight by clicking on the Attach to insight button from the menu on the top.

Note: You can link highlights to any insight from any project, not just the ones in your current project.