Creating insights

This article will teach you about creating insights from the insights dashboard and on the fly.

During the research process in, you gather raw data in notes and apply tags. In your analysis, you will spot bits of your data that contribute to your initial research hypotheses. This means that you will ultimately gain new knowledge about a user’s pain points, concerns, needs, issues, and wants – these are your research insights.

In, insights can be seen as the conclusions of your research. This might be a verified hypothesis like “Users are delighted by the new design”, a newly spotted usability defect like “The search is too complex”, and so on.

Creating insights from the insights dashboard

One way to create new insights is from the insights dashboard in your project. Just as in notes, you can put any information that’s relevant into an insight – that might be an explanation of your interpretation, a sketch, a highlight video, and so on.

  1. Go to the insights dashboard within a project.
  2. Click on the Create new insight button at the top left corner. A new insight will be created and opened.
  3. Click on the insight’s default title “Untitled insight” and enter a new descriptive title.

↳  For formatting text, adding hyperlinks, and more, see the related article.

Creating insights on the fly

You might gain new insights while working through your notes. You can create new insights directly from tagged text.

  1. When a text passage is tagged, the applied tags are shown on the right side of the note. Click on the tag of the respective text passage that you want to link to an insight. A dropdown menu appears.
  2. Click on Attach to insight. An overview of all your insights across all projects appears.
  3. At the top of the overview, you can enter a new insight title. As you start typing insights are filtered by the entered text.
  4. At the bottom, a button Create insight … in project … appears. Click on the project name to select the project in which you want to create the insight.
  5. Click the button to submit your choice. The insights will be created and the selected text passage will be put at the bottom of your insight as a special “reference” element.