Creating a note

This article will teach you how to create notes.

Click on a project on the project dashboard and navigate to it’s “Notes” page.

There you can store your research data in notes and organize them in groups. In a fresh project, there already is a first untitled notes group. Rename and create new groups to organize your notes to your needs.

  1. Choose the group you want to add your note to.
  2. Click on the + button on the bottom of the respective group. An input field appears where you can enter your note’s name.
  3. Enter your note’s name.
    💡 We ourselves often use one note for one study participant. So the note’s name might be the name of the participant and maybe the date of data collection (such as “2019-07-24 Steve”).
  4. Hit ENTER to create the note.

↳  For formatting text, adding hyperlinks, and more, see the related article.