Changing project settings

This article will teach you how to change project settings.

There are three types of project settings: General, Plugins, and Integrations. To change them, you first have to open the project settings:

  1. Go to the project dashboard.
  2. Hover over the project you want to archive. A three-dot menu ••• appears.
  3. Click on the three-dot menu ••• and select “Settings”.


Via the “General” tab you can:


Via the “Plugins” tab you can activate or deactivate project plugins. This way, you can adjust projects to your workflow. Currently, there are two plugins:

  • Sentiment analysis (to automatically apply “positive” and “negative” tags in notes)
  • Transcript plugin (to automatically transcribe audio and video files and insert the transcript as text) You will have to enable plugins for each project individually. This is a safety measure so that no data is transferred to any third party services if you do not want that. Also, not every plugin can be used by certain licenses. Therefore, please refer to our pricing page for which plugin is included in which plan.


The “Integrations” tab contains settings for integrating Slack.