Our Customers

How companies improve their entire UX research with the help of consider.ly

Plunet's Customer Success Story

Plunet started its journey with us to implement user research practices into design sprints. In consequence, they decided that every feature idea needs to be tested with real users before every implementation. In oder to understand their users better, Plunet’s research scope is very broad
from generative research over to evaluative research.

EnBW's Customer Success Story

The team assigned to this use case came together from different areas of EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG one of the largest energy supply companies in Europe. Established research practices and ocassionally user interviews were already in place. Additionally, qualitative feedback on the use of the product was analysed.

What our customers say about consider.ly

The interviews we conduct can be evaluated very efficiently with consider.ly. The most exciting moment is when you cluster the highlights for the first time and the insights reveal themselves in their raw form. Then the commonalities, but also the differences in the user comments become clear at a glance. This allows us to derive important implications for the development of our software.

— Dr. Nina Bär

Usability Engineer, Asseco Solutions AG

consider.ly enables us to greatly accelerate user-centric feature development. Automated transcription and the extensive labeling capabilities are a huge time saver for analyzing our user interviews.
— Felix Schäfer

Product Owner, flinc @ Daimler Lab1886

Since we use consider.ly we’ve become much faster and consistent in analyzing our user feedback. The tagging system provides a structured analysis that lets us keep the overview even with large amounts of data. We always have access to the right insights and are supported by the system during the analysis.
— Melanie Laudin

UX/UI Design, imiji.pics

Since we target very many different customer segments and conduct extensive interviews with all of them, we needed a tool that would give us maximum clarity. Consider.ly is perfect for this.

— Christoph Schroeder

User Experience Lead, planblue

consider.ly allows us to store and analyze the user research we carry out at XING E-Recruiting, and share it with different stakeholders. By having a single source of truth we can ensure we don’t lose any information and can craft our products with a better understanding of our users' needs.

— Glòria Langreo

UX Team Lead, XING E-Recruiting

consider.ly is especially well suited for extensive user testing and documentation during live testing. The tagging system also allows a structured evaluation and preparation of the data.
— Juliane Zierke

UI/UX Designer, NetDoktor

It takes a lot of effort and effort to work user-centered. Finally, I have found a tool that facilitates the evaluation of extensive user studies and makes their key results visible.

— Julian Freund

User Experience Manager, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG

Thank you for allowing me to use your software for my dissertation. I successfully defended this week! I would just like you to know how much help this has been. Much appreciated!

— Michael Smith

Saybrook University